Power of Video article – 2013

With the increase in broadband speed, smartphone and tablet popularity, video is becoming an extremely viable option for communicating with your audience. Everyone is exposed to the moving image with Television, DVD’s and Animations in our every day life, people are comfortable with video content. Cisco have predicted that a staggering 90% of all internet traffic will be video by 2014.

Much like all technology, the early adopters are the tech companies, followed by corporate mainstream firms and it slowly filters down to medium and then small startups. Video is still an unknown quantity when a lot of companies are looking at how to communicate with their customers and marketing budgets, but looking at the advantages of video, this could well be changing.

YouTube is now the 3rd most popular website in the UK and the second most popular search engine with over 4 billion videos viewed every day it is hard to ignore. With Google owning YouTube , it is natural they want to direct users there, you will have probably already seen video results on page one of Google searches, this is likely to increase and video become a major ranking factor in Google’s algorithms.

If you imagine how many companies are competing for your key phrases on Google, then how many have videos that have been tagged for the same phrases. Therefore making it much easier to get page one rankings with results that are more eye catching and clickable than all the text and sponsored listings.

It has long been an issue of how to get your message across to your audience, succinctly and effectively. With Google demanding volume of text and content, it is a challenge to make your site attractive and engaging. Research has shown that users are much more likely to watch a video to the end than read all the text on a page. People prefer to watch than read, it is much less effort to be presented a video and much more engaging, enabling you to get the whole message across.

Obviously cost is a big issue to consider, however video production costs have come down in recent years as the technology becomes more accessible and the market more competitive. There are also other cost-effective options, iQ interactive have launched a “Virtual Movie” product using still photos, transition effects, music and a voiceover (www.virtual-movie.co.uk).  Costing from £300 they provide a low cost but professional option and the video file can be embedded on a website, uploaded to YouTube, shared in social media and saved to a phone, tablet or laptop.

Video should at least be considered when considering marketing budget, so much is still spent on interrupt advertising such as ineffective directory and printed adverts, when search engines and websites provide reactive results to users who have announced they are looking to buy. Trick is to be first in line with a convincing and engaging message, video could be the format to increase conversion and enhance your brand and image.